WOW! What a year!

WOW! What a year! | Wrap Up 2023

2023 was another extremely exciting year for us at Aristech. From many new customers, exciting events and even a few awards, it was all there.

ReadPublished on 12/22/2023

What's the secret to excellent customer service?

However, good customer service is not easy - we all know that! But good customer service is a prerequisite for satisfying customers and building long-term customer relationships. That's why we have the 5 golden rules for customer service here. First, What do your customers expect and how can you meet these expectations?

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ReadPublished on 12/4/2023

Hessischer Rundfunk chooses TTS voices with machine learning technology!

Hessischer Rundfunk (HR) has raised its traffic hotline to a new level of quality. From now on, you can conveniently request the latest news from the HR traffic newsroom by voice input. The answers come in the form of a high-quality text-to-speech voice from Aristech.

ReadPublished on 9/20/2023

Aristech Summer Party 2023

We had a fantastic summer party at Aristech!

The timing was perfect to enjoy the last warm summer nights before fall arrives.

ReadPublished on 9/18/2023

WINNER of the audience award: Aristech at the AI Night @ SAS

An evening full of wow-effects and aha-moments lies behind us. SAS invited Heidelberg's AI elite to the first AI Night to present themselves to the region's AI-enthusiastic audience and we were awarded the audience prize for the best presentation.

ReadPublished on 8/23/2023

What happens at "Sprachversteher"?

Bei unserem letzten Projekttreffen (17.05.2023) hatten wir die Chance, die Testungen, die normalerweise mit den Probanden in der Uniklinik durchgeführt werden, am eigenen Leib zu erfahren. Bei diesen Testungen sieht man die fortgeschrittene Messtechnik und die entwickelte Technologie, die wir sonst nur im Sprachversteher-Toolkit anhören können, wirklich im Einsatz. Für uns war das besonders interessant zu sehen und zu erleben, da wir uns bei der Aristech in erster Linie um die technische Umsetzung kümmern und mit dem klinischen Teil der Studie und den Testungen am Probanden sonst nur wenige Berührungspunkte haben.

ReadPublished on 8/10/2023

Relieving and digitizing customer service with AI

How Aristech technology is easing the burden on customer service in the energy industry. Relieve and digitize with AI: 100% satisfied customers and relaxed call agents!

ReadPublished on 5/12/2023

Girls' Day at Aristech 2023

Unlimited opportunities, regardless of gender - that's what Girls' Day stands for, and that's what we stand for, too!

So it was obvious to us that as an IT company with more than 50% female developers, we had to set a good example. For us, that means taking part in Girls' Day this year.

ReadPublished on 5/4/2023

Our Team Day 2023

Out of the office, out into nature!

True to this motto, we hiked to Hirschberg for this year's team day. It's nice to get away from the daily work routine and it boosts teamwork and strengthens trust among our colleagues.

ReadPublished on 3/24/2023

Girls' Day with Aristech - A day as a software engineer [FULLY BOOKED]

The Girls' Day 2023 takes place on April 27 and we're part of it. We want to give five girls the opportunity to join our software engineers as they teach machines to speak and understand language.

ReadPublished on 2/9/2023

Aristech Voice Solutions Day 2022

During the Aristech Voice Solutions Day 2022, we were able to share our enthusiasm for our top notch state-of-the-art solutions.

ReadPublished on 1/9/2023

Aristech turns 10 years old - company anniversary!

Aristech turned 10 this year! To mark this joyous occasion, we got together on Friday and celebrated.

ReadPublished on 10/21/2022

FerienOnJob visits Aristech

Working a little differently: As part of the “FerienOnJob” program, we had five school pupils come visit us. They were highly motivated to learn about the work of our software engineers.

ReadPublished on 8/10/2022

DATEV eG now also uses Aristech technologies

If you were to call DATEV’s German customer support, you’d be able to hear one of our computer voices in certain cases from now on. The TTS voice informs customers about current topics and connects them with a member of staff at the service center if they have further questions.

ReadPublished on 4/24/2022

Karlsruhe telephone service uses speech dialog system AriDialog

All began with a Covid information hotline in 2020, which has now been expanded to include the telephone citizen service of the city of Karlsruhe. Now the citizens of Karlsruhe can use AriDialog, our speech dialog system, to ask for information on various topics.

ReadPublished on 3/16/2022

Successfully completed professional training

Finished! "IT Specialist for Application Development" is the official title our apprentice Aboud Dekrmanjian has earned. He has successfully completed the apprenticeship training.

ReadPublished on 8/20/2021

Mayor of Heidelberg visits Aristech

It was our great pleasure to have the Mayor of Heidelberg, Prof Dr Eckart Würzner, and Marc Massoth, Head of Office for Economic Development and Science, visit us at Aristech HQ.

ReadPublished on 3/1/2020

VAG Freiburg to use high-tech from Heidelberg!

The Freiburger transport service Freiburger Verkehrs AG (VAG) are equiping their busses and trams with an own announcement voice. We have digitized the voice and are delivering the text-to-speech systems. These will improve the announcements’ quality, emphasize the VAG’s innovative image and save money on speaker and studio costs. The new voice will already go live in October and can then be heard throughout the entire VAG route network.

ReadPublished on 11/7/2018

Swiss railway services SBB soon to use Aristech’s text-to-speech system

To improve their passenger information systems’ quality and economic efficiency, the Swiss railway services SBB (Schweizerische Bundesbahnen) published a tender. Aristech won the competition by impressing the SSB with the text-to-speech (TTS) systems’ quality. The SSB now plans to equip all train stations and stops in the entire rail network with Aristech’s TTS technology in four languages (German, English, French, Italian) within the next years.

ReadPublished on 9/12/2018

Swiss Südostbahn, too, using Aristech speech technologies

In all train stations between Vierwaldstädter and Bodensee (Lake Constance) in Switzerland you will be able to hear a Swiss voice made in Germany: Professional speaker and voice talent Corinne Hobi was chosen to record the texts for the SOB’s new digital voice using our tried and tested speech technology.

ReadPublished on 8/24/2018

Chris Lohner's voice has arrived at the digital ÖBB train stations

The Austrian train service ÖBB (Österreichischen Bundesbahnen) are equipping all announcement systems with our high-quality text-to-speech technology. For this, we digitized the ÖBB's long-known, familiar voice and thus have ensured it is also available for future technologies.

Intelligent Voice Assistant receives award for ZIM Cooperation Project of the Year

Aristech’s CEO Carolin Edler-Mende accepted the award certificate from the Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy: “We are proud to have been chosen as the ZIM Cooperation Project of the Year from the huge amount of fascinating projects and to have our great innovative strength recognized in this way.” sovanta-Director Michael Kern added after the award ceremony that they, too, are delighted about this award.

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