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An intelligent system that can chat with your customers fully automatic.With our AI-based chatbots, based on our Aristech NLP Server, your customers can easily request important information via chat. They receive answers without queues and with absolute data security. And your customer service agents, too, can automatically request important authentication features in advance via chat.


Your agents have to deal with a great number of recurring questions. As a result, individual customer concerns cannot be met reliably.


Your Aristech chatbot answers the majority of customer queries and your employees have time for real customer service. Based on the chat history, the Aristech chatbot also continuously provides you with new topic suggestions.

AI in Aristech Chatbots

The Aristech NLP-Server is a scalable and generic tool for processing text input using both artificial intelligence and defined rules. This allows you to set a clear framework in places where you want to precisely control the output of your chatbots, and to use the full potential of modern large language models, such as chat GPT, in other places.

Modern technology

Inhouse development

full controle

State-of-the-art technology: NLP, NLU and Dialogue development by one source. This way, we can optimize every component of your chatbot.


Made in Germany

Thanks to our adherence to the European GDPR law, the speech dialog system can process sensitive data securely. The possibility of On-Premise-implementation without could-usage allows for your data to stay in your system only.


Natural Language Understanding

Our chatbots recognize natural speech. That means your customers can communicate with your chatbot normally.


Easy interfacing

Our Aristech-Dialog Designer can generate any output you require and send it to where you need it.

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