What quacks like a duck…
Our Text-to-Speech solutions may not look or swim like a duck but they certainly sound so natural that your customers will think they’re real people! Not only do they sound like a person, they have character. And they come in many different languages and accents, providing you with the best TTS experience, no matter where you are.

Birmingham, Alabama or Birmingham, UK? Our team of linguists and phonetic experts will make sure to include the pronunciation rule that is appropriate for you. Alternatively, our easy-to-use optimization tool „TTS-Designer“ allows you to modify or adjust output for your specific vocabulary.

We’ve made a name for ourselves as a provider of so-called corporate voices: client-exclusive digital voices that represent your company’s image the way you want.

If you would like to listen to our voices for yourself, please feel free to contact us: info@aristech.de or via telephone +49 (0) 6221 43859-0

Voices are available for a variety of purposes:

Desktop (version for personal use)

Server version

Mobile or embedded