Voice to Systems


Our main advantage? We understand you.

Because we focus on individual domains, our recognition rates are higher than those of typical dictation software. Our speech recognition handles natural spoken text fast and reliably. Thanks to semantic analyses and profound linguistic know-how, recognition rates will exceed your expectations – sometimes they even exceed our own.

Recognised data will be analysed and, with the help of semantic post-processing, structured and entered automatically into your preferred target domain.[pressreader]

Typical applications include

Improving efficiency

Typing and writing takes time and it’s a hassle doing it on the run. Have you ever bumped into somebody, while frantically trying to finish that email on your iPhone? If you have, you know what we’re talking about.
Voice input on the other hand is not only more convenient – it’s the natural way of human communication. Using our Voice to Systems applications will boost your effectiveness and efficiency – and they can be integrated in any mobile app or conventional phone application!

Aristech ASR means

  1. fast processing of freely spoken voice input and mapping to given structures
  2. semantic recognition optimization
  3. highly reliable recognition rates
  4. interface independence