Aristech is your service oriented option in the highly competitive speech technology market. We aim at providing a maximum of quality and customer satisfaction, and to stand up to mainly foreign competition. Here are some of our customers trusting in our technology, service and expertise. You might find out that you've already used Aristech technology without even knowing.

Exclusive synthetic voice and equipment of ÖBB (Austrian Railways) with text-to-speech technology

A bilingual voice was “cloned” so that it is hardly distinguished from its origin Chris Lohner, famous Austrian actor. Innovative text-to-speech technology will ensure flexibility and long term cost reduction for ÖBB.


> ÖBB website

Fully automated traffic hotline

For the public German radio stations SWR and WDR
Aristech have developed the fastest and most up-to-date traffic hotline in Germany.


> SWR website

> WDR website

Speech Synthesis

Unitymedia Kabel BW uses our CereVoice text-to-speech solutions for a maximum of flexibility and service in their customer hotline.


> Unitimedia Kabel BW website

Speech Synthesis

Automatic TTS generated messages are keeping the staff in railway trains informed at any time.


> DB Systel website

Speech output optimization

Using our TTS Designer, WTG phone company optimizes our speech synthesis for their customers. This tool enables the tuning of words, sentences, or passages making the audio output sound as natural as possible.


> WTG website

Water level hotline

A voice enabled phone hotline provides any inshore water level in the county of Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Especially in times of natural disasters, this can be essential for all citizens, residents, occupants.


> LUBW website

Fully automated order

For the flatex AG we’ve created a fully automated voice portal that handles the customer interaction up to orders on the exchange.


> flatex website

Speech controlled telephone dialogs

For platform provider first:telecom, we design, maintain and operate easy to handle cloud based voice dialogs.


> first:telecom website

Speech automated announcement systems

For this Austrian public transportation association, announcements in German and English can be heard with our text-to-speech voices.


> OÖVV website

Automatic meter reading processing in SAP R/3

For the energy suppliers E.ON, eprimo, E wie einfach and the utilities company of the city of Bremen, our speech dialog records and processes meter readings in connection with SAPs R/3.


> E.ON website

> eprimo website

> SWB website

> E wie einfach website