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We offer natural human-machine communication in natural-sounding speech dialog systems. The perfect combination of Aristech technologies for faster customer service. Less time for data acquisition, more time for human contact. Don't lose your customers in a queue.



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We offer natural, personal voices tailored to your needs. Multilingual, professional and optimized for your applications.


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Our speech recognition is self-improving through machine learning, quickly, efficiently and precisely. In all languages.



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The following customers have chosen to work with Aristech:

Voice Portals

Set up a voice portal for customer self-services

We developed a fully automatic voice portal for the FinTech Group. This enables complete customer engagement for the flatex AG, Germany's largest online broker, including securities orders by telephone.

Stephan Simmang, Managing Director - CTO:

"The whole project has been completed to our utmost satisfaction. Ever since the test phase ended, all systems have been running flawlessly. We can recommend both the software and the cooperation with Aristech without any reservations."


Developed a voicebot to reduce the call center's workload

Our voicebots are being utilized in a project with the Association of State Health Insurance Baden-Württemberg (Kassenärztlichen Vereinigung Baden-Württemberg - KVBW) to support the staff with calls about a mailing campaign. Using our technology has proven useful for the KVBW, seeing as 60% of all callers were given satisfactory answers which helped reduce the workload tremendously.

Dr. Björn Weiße, Head of Admission & Assurance Business Area KVBW:

"What particulary impressed us was the quality and the speed of the implementation. We were able to use the voicebot within a week."

Voice Portal

Developed a Voice Portal for information on Covid19.

To be able to provide Heidelberg with current information on the Covid situation round the clock via telephone, we developed a covid information hotline on behalf of the city. This hotline makes it possible for Heidelberg's inhabitants to ask for information on current events, e.g. municipal infrastructure, school openings, social distancing rules, etc., on up to 100 channels simultaneously. Thanks to speech recognition it is also possible to use the hotline without a dial key menu and thus allows access to a wide range of topics.

Prof. Dr. Eckart Würzner, Mayor of Heidelberg:

"Thanks to our hotline, the city of Heidelberg can offer information regarding Covid19 round the clock. Many thanks to the local company Aristech which supports us with its speech dialog system! This not only creates a flexible and expandable information advantage, but also frees up internal resources for our citizen information service."

Corporate Voice

Developed a customer-exclusive voice and set up text-to-speech technology

For this project, we "cloned" a bilingual customer-specific voice that barely differs from its original, the Austrian actress Chris Lohner. Using this innovative technology guarantees flexibility and long-term cost savings.

Michael Braun, Group Press Spokesman for the ÖBB:

"We are banking on the latest technology, TTS, which will guarantee the ÖBB state-of-the-art flexibility and long-term savings. In Aristech, we found a service provider that convinced us time and again with their flexibility and experience. The synthetic voice's quality exceeds all expectations and the positive feedback from our passengers confirms our decision."

Corporate Voice

Developed a customer-exclusive voice and set up text-to-speech technology

The public transport system for the city of Freiburg ( Freiburger Verkehrs AG - VAG) has equipped all busses and trams with their own announcement voice. For this voice, they chose a member of staff from the VAG whose synthetic voice sounds authentical and pleasant coming from loudspeakers. The Aristech TTS system improves the announcements' quality and emphasizes the VAG's innovate image.

Oliver Benz und Stephan Bartosch, VAG Executive Board:

"Mrs. Albrecht's voice with the slight local dialect has been received vey well. And with this voice, we can now react quickly and flexibly to changed announcements."

Corporate Voice

Developed a digital voice for announcements in four languages for the Swiss railway service SBB

We equipped the SBB’s train stations with our TTS technology in four languages (German/English/French/Italian), thus improving passenger information systems’ quality and efficiency.

##Voicebot Developed a voicebot for the citizen hotline for the city of Karlsruhe available 24/7

What had begun in 2020 as a Covid hotline has now been extended to include citizen service by telephone. Now, citizens of Karlsruhe can get information on various topics thanks to Aristech’s voiebot. Registry office, driver's license, information at the food and veterinary office, or waste management topics: the voicebot is available 24/7. Callers can also be connected personally to staff members during many parts of the dialog if further questions arise.

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