Speech recognition

Speech-to-text - Made in GermanyData privacy guaranteed


Our natural language understanding speech recognizer can learn your jargon.


Our experienced team of speech-technology experts make a smooth integration with your interface possible.

Optimized by A.I.

Deep learning algorithms continually improve our speech recognition. This improves recognition accuracy, even in unfavorable circumstances like background noise.


Our speech-agnostic system enables a swift implementation for almost any language.

Speech recognition for any use case

Integrated into your application

Speech empower any product: digital assistants, smart speakers, software solutions or any device with a microphone.

Customer selfservice

Effective communication for your contact center. Integrated into your IVR or Voicebot solution, speech recognition can automatically collect user data. This enables automatic end-to-end processing of customer issues without queues.

Increased productivity

Speech is the fastest way of communicating. Use your voice for quick and effective documentation. Also possible without the internet thanks to on-premise services.

Accessible interaction

Voice control enables customers with visual impairments to interact with your solutions.

Cutting edge technology


Every voice is different

We optimize the speech recognition for your user group and vocabulary. This way, even imperfect speech or dialects can be understood correctly.


Functional without internet access

Embedded in your application, on a high-load server, or on-premises on an end device? Talk to us, we will find a solution.


Instant recognition

Fast and efficient, robust under high load. Even on your smartphone.

Made in Germany

Data privacy

Without the need for a cloud connection, your sensitive data remains secure in your infrastructure. Even stock purchases via voice recognition are possible without any security concerns.

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