Aristech NLP-Server

Understand and use your data

Automation in the Service Center

With the Aristech NLP-Server any NLP tasks can be solved. Through NLP we enable semantic processing of your text or audio material without manual review. Intelligent and ready to use. Through the unique combination of different Aristech language technologies in our NLP tools, the quality of your audio or text-based customer interaction becomes measurable (Quality Monitoring) or your text communication is automatically processed and answered (Email Automation). Our Chatbots interact intuitively and naturally with your customers and take work off your employees' hands.

Our Aristech NLP solutions

Quality monitoring

Making service quality measurable

Automatic conversion of call recordings to ready-to-read call scripts. Subsequent analysis of the scripts through a combination of rule-based and AI-based analysis with the Aristech NLP Server.

Improve your customers' satisfaction.

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Quality Monitoring


Organize the chaos

Automatic first reception and processing of customer inquiries on text channels (e.g. emails). Followed by sorting and intent detection as well as qualitative evaluation with the help of the Aristech NLP server.

Don't make your customers wait for answers.

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Digitalize chat-based communication

Natural dialog between human and machine. It all happens through the Aristech NLP Server and the Aristech Dialog Server.


State of the art technology

Hybrid analysis

The best of both worlds

Our hybrid approach to analysis combines the advantages of machine learning and rule-based analysis. This ensures the highest level of accuracy when analyzing.


Expertise put to work for you

With our linguistic know-how, we provide you with highly complex linguistic rule sets for recognizing and collecting structured data.

Technology stacks

from in-house development

All from a single source.

Our team of specialists is always directly available to you and keeps up with the latest developments using innovative methods.

Therefore, we achieve the best possible result for you.

GDPR compliant

Made in Germany

Optional on-premise operation without cloud connection keeps your data securely on your infrastructure.

Even bank data changes and the handling of personal data are thus handled without difficulty.

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