Natural Dialog between human and machine

Digitize your communication through voice and chat portalsWe offer natural human-machine communication in natural-sounding speech dialog systems. Our dialog solutions combine all our speech processing components.



Digitalise your telephony services

We offer natural-sounding voice dialog systems. Our voicebots are the perfect combination of text-to-speech, speech recognition and NLP solutions. Using the Aristech Dialog Suite you can create the perfect dialog for your voicebot. Precisely tailored to your use case.



Digitalise your text-based communication

We offer natural dialogue between humans and machines. State-of-the-art technology: Our chatbots work with a hybrid concept of rule-based approaches and AI methods, comparable to large language models such as ChatGPT.


A digital transformation for your communication

1. Identifying processes

We work close together with you to find the right automation options for the perfect voice or chatbot, be it simple routing processes to case-closing processing.

2. Prototypes

After a short development period, a prototype of your voice or chatbot will be ready for testing with live users.

3. Agile development

Based on user feedback, we continuously optimise the voice or chatbot and train the ML algorithm and the speech recogniser with your data.

What matters?

For your Customers:

Self-service without Queues

Does your customer have a simple request and doesn't have time to wait?

Your Aristech Voice- or Chatbot helps immediately and around the clock.

For your Employees:

Time for REAL Contact

With a voice dialog system, your service centre is relieved and can use valuable time for good service.

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Our team loves to tackle new challenges and will find a fitting solution for your company.

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