Aristech analyses text and audio semantically

Whether speech recognition and text analysis are truly satisfactory, depends largely on correct recognition and interpretation by the system. Existing tools, based on statistic data or keywords, often yield unsatisfactory results. Aristech now offers a revolutionary solution: semantic speech comprehension that works across language borders.

Aristech’s most recent product, Aristech Semantic Analysis Programme (ASAP), has offered best results in dictation-based mobile recognition software and will now also be available for phone services. This artificial intelligence significantly improves voice portals thanks to an immediate rationalisation: reliable and genuine recognition offers maximum automation possibilities.

ASAP isn’t restricted to call centres, it also offers a long-awaited solution for large documents and audio data (big data), as well as for automated e-mail response.

ASAP can be applied to any other language, opening up new areas of application. The development of further solutions is ongoing.