Karlsruhe telephone service uses speech dialog system AriDialog

All began with a Covid information hotline in 2020, which has now been expanded to include the telephone citizen service of the city of Karlsruhe. Now the citizens of Karlsruhe can use AriDialog, our speech dialog system, to ask for information on various topics. The voicebot can be reached at +49 721 133 0. It can answer questions regarding the registry office, driver’s licenses, information on the food and veterinary office, or the topic of waste management 24/7. Callers can also ask to be connected with a member of staff if they have further questions.

“We are very pleased that our service has been expanded after the Covid hotline”, says project leader Sabrina Mänz at Aristech. “It’s great to see how well our voicebot has been received.”

By introducing the voice dialog system, we were able to help reduce waiting times and the usual telephone services could be offered even in times of a global pandemic.

Published on 3/16/2022

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