Hessischer Rundfunk chooses TTS voices with machine learning technology!

Improved traffic hotline: Hessischer Rundfunk relies on Aristech TTS voice with machine learning technology!

Hessischer Rundfunk (HR) has raised its traffic hotline to a new level of quality. From now on, you can conveniently request the latest news from the HR traffic editorial team by voice input. The answers come in the form of a high-quality text-to-speech voice from Aristech.

Are you wondering what this means in concrete terms? Quite simple: If you want to find out about disruptions in the HR broadcasting area, all you have to do is pick up the phone, call the HR traffic newsroom on 069 96 86 86 86 and say the desired highway or "Other messages" by voice input. For example, if you simply say "A5" after the initial question, the caller will immediately receive available messages for the A5 freeway.

This new function has numerous advantages. On the one hand, the intuitive voice input makes it quick and easy to call up traffic reports. No more laborious typing, just speak and receive the desired information. Road safety aspects also play an important role. Voice input allows drivers to continue to concentrate on the traffic while checking the current messages. This increases road safety and minimizes distractions while driving.

The Hessischer Rundfunk traffic hotline has thus become even more user-friendly and efficient. Thanks to this innovation with voice recognition software from Aristech, drivers in the HR broadcasting area are always well informed and safe on the road.

And we are very pleased that the Hessischer Rundfunk is now the third public service broadcaster to rely on our Aristech technology, just like SWR and WDR. Welcome on board!

Published on 9/20/2023

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