What's the secret to excellent customer service?

**Good customer service is not that easy - we all know that!

Depending on the industry, companies aim for a customer satisfaction rate of 80-90%. This means that 80-90% of customers are satisfied with the service.

However, good customer service is not easy - we all know that!

The main problem here is time and the volume of inquiries. Callers are put on hold, receive very late responses to their inquiries... or sometimes no response at all.

However, good customer service is a prerequisite for satisfying customers and building long-term customer relationships.

The 5 golden rules of customer service

  1. Fast Response Time: customers expect at least a response within 24 hours
  2. Friendly and Competent Advice
  3. Solution Orientation: most customers expect 100% personalized advice and, above all, problem solving
  4. Proactive Communication: your customers expect you to support them with commitment and enthusiasm
  5. 24/7 availability: All of these criteria and many more should ideally be met around the clock.

When you look at this, it quickly becomes clear that it is impossible to meet those expectations through human operation alone.

That is why good customer service today is characterized by one thing in particular: modern, reliable technology that is used in the right place. Digitalization in customer service doesn't have to mean replacing employees, but supporting them! A voicebot, for example, which authenticates the caller before forwarding them to the next available employee, saves an average of 1.5 minutes of call time. And that in turn saves one thing above all: your budget! Depending on the size of the call volume, you will achieve the ROI within the first few months and the use of the voicebot will have paid off.

Overall, good customer service is crucial for the success of a company, as it increases customer satisfaction, promotes customer loyalty and generates positive word-of-mouth advertising. Most importantly, companies that invest in outstanding customer service tend to have long-term success as they build strong relationships with their customers.

Published on 12/4/2023

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