Girls' Day at Aristech 2023

Unlimited opportunities, regardless of gender - that's what Girls' Day stands for, and that's what we stand for, too!

So it was obvious to us that as an IT company with more than 50% female developers, we had to set a good example. For us, that means taking part in Girls' Day this year. But that's not all - in June we're taking part in the summer camp of the Girls' Coding AG and we've just been nominated for the Impact of Diversity Award in the category Women in STEM.

Last Thursday, five girls had the opportunity to get a taste of the tech world at our office. For one day, the girls were able to get up close and personal with what our software engineers do. They asked questions, such as

  • What is a bot, anyway? What is AI?
  • How does an AI-based chatbot work? - How does ChatGPT work?
  • And what exactly is a voicebot?

... and we answered them.

With great enthusiasm, the five girls quizzed ChatGPT, built a small dialog and tested voicebots. But the highlight was of course our robot colleague Aribot. Special thanks go to our project manager Sabrina and our trainee Jonas for making this day possible with their enthusiastic participation!

When asked what they would take away from Girls' Day with us, the girls answered,

  • "that you can do a lot with technology and artificial intelligence"
  • "that it's not that difficult once you understand it"
  • "that you have to be good with technology."

One thing we wanted the girls to take away in particular, though, is the knowledge that they can do anything and that the tech world can be diverse!

More information on the Girls' Day can be found here.

Published on 5/4/2023

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