Girls' Day with Aristech - A day as a software engineer [FULLY BOOKED]

The Girls' Day 2023 is on April 27 and we're taking part. [FULLY BOOKED]

You can join our software engineers for a work day. See how they develop and perfect cool speech technologies daily. Join us as our software engineers teach machines to speak and understand language.

With us, you can get an insight into how we build dialogs, what text-to-speech is and how we build voicebots.

And of course you get to be creative yourself, program something, use TTS, and build dialogs with our DialogDesigner. You can develop your first small project during your day with us.

The photo shows a conversation between a human and a machine. Our CEO Carolin Edler-Mende is talking to our TTS voice Tom. If you, too, want to talk to Tom and want to see how that works, sign up for the Girls' Day with us. You can register via email at [email protected].

Published on 2/9/2023

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