Relieving and digitizing customer service with AI

Relieve and digitalize with AI: 100% satisfied customers and relaxed call agents!

Digitalization and automation of customer service are of great importance in almost every industry. In the energy sector, too, energy suppliers are faced with the challenge of meeting customers' increasing demands. The energy transition and the electricity and gas price brakes are constantly presenting energy suppliers with new challenges. This also creates uncertainty among customers, which is reflected in the increasing number of inquiries about price changes, the contract situation and much more. As a result, the number of inquiries in the service mailboxes is increasing. Dealing with the volume of inquiries is becoming increasingly difficult and fast and efficient customer service is becoming more and more of a challenge - it is often no longer possible to guarantee a professional response to customer enquiries with little waiting time.

Fortunately, a large proportion of the inquiries that accumulate in inboxes do not always have to be answered by agents. Instead, AI-based automation solutions come into play. These include NLP tools such as voicebots, SMS and email automation. They can take over these requests and process them in 95% of cases.

While chat and voicebots as well as multichannel automation solutions take over the processing and answering of customer inquiries, quality monitoring can subsequently measure the quality of customer-agent interaction. By taking over routine tasks in the service center, AI makes the day-to-day work of employees immensely easier and thus enables genuine, thorough and fast customer service again. The quality of individual interactions improves not only by relieving the burden on agents using automation tools, but also becomes measurable and tangible through quality monitoring.

This is what efficient customer service looks like:

Not a replacement of human employees with artificial intelligence, but a fusion of the two.

By using AI, simple and routine requests can be understood in natural language and answered quickly. Chatbots and voicebots are available around the clock. This relieves call agents of repetitive tasks. As a result, they can concentrate on more complex inquiries that require human empathy and specialist knowledge.

The possibilities are manifold: from recording meter readings in the energy sector to changing customer data and authenticating callers. These tasks can be completed efficiently and accurately with the help of AI.

Another challenge that customer service has to face time and again is GDPR compliance. When handling sensitive data - such as address data, personal data and account or bank data - contact centers must of course always comply with the highest data protection standards. For energy suppliers, this includes processes such as meter reading, bank data changes, authentication processes and much more. Large energy suppliers already rely on our solutions for this reason, as our voice technologies comply with GDPR standards.

Published on 5/12/2023

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