WINNER of the audience award: Aristech at the AI Night @ SAS

Aristech wins at the 1st AI Night Heidelberg

An evening full of wow effects lies behind us. SAS invited the AI elite of Heidelberg to the first AI Night to present themselves to the region's AI enthusiasts. Of course, we were very happy to accept this invitation. Our Managing Director, Carolin Edler-Mende, and our CTO, Michael Mende, were there to discuss AI with other IT entrepreneurs and experts from Heidelberg and the surrounding area. In addition to Aristech, the speakers included companies such as Match Rider, Aleph Alpha, rabbitAI and many more.

The evening was very interesting and the other presentations very impressive. In the words of our CTO: "It's amazing what an ecosystem of AI companies we have here in Heidelberg." And not only do we find it impressive that this ecosystem exists, but we are also excited about how diverse it is. This was confirmed to us once again by the colorful selection of presentations from various areas.

The AI Night was not only about what could be possible with AI, but above all about what is already possible in practical application and how progress is being made every day towards what could be.

Over the course of the evening, incredibly exciting and innovative companies were on hand to talk about these topics. Especially considering that the who's who of the region's AI industry was represented, we are naturally delighted with the exclusively positive response to Carolin Edler-Mende's presentation and the audience award for the best presentation that we received a few days later. The winning cake was eaten by the team with great joy.

**Now, what exactly did we actually win this prize for?

Of course, in a short presentation about our use of AI at Aristech and the interaction possibilities with bots, there is no room to present our solution portfolio in its entirety, so a focus had to be chosen. This is where our TTS voices, including accents and dialects, and our speech recognition were able to impress with their quality and authenticity.

As much as we are thrilled by the positive recognition of the presentation, we as a company are naturally most pleased about the positive feedback on our technologies, some of which were demonstrated during the presentation. It's great to see how we score first and foremost with our technologies, because that's what we're all about: developing outstanding, state-of-the-art technology!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Thomas Keil and Andrea Deinert from SAS once again for organizing this inspiring event. The AI community is a fast-growing one that thrives on sharing ideas. An event like AI Night offers the perfect platform for this. Many thanks also to the other speakers for the extremely exciting insights into their work and the present and future of AI.

It remains exciting to see what the future holds for AI.

Published on 8/23/2023

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