The mobile app Aristools 2.0 is among the best in the category “mobile” of the IT innovation award 2015! We’re happy about this second award for our expertise in speech technology after having been certified by SAP.
Doctors will be able to use their voice to protocol information like medical patient data, making time consuming written documentation obsolete. Aristools 2.0 integrates the information into the system of SAP EMR Unwired and then enters them at the appropriate location. Before visiting the patient, doctors will be able to retrieve all relevant information by having them read to them. This not only works with spoken data, but also with any other kind of information that has been entered.
Aristools 2.0 is also compatible with SAP Retail Execution, the mobile App for the retail sector. Sales staff can enter customer or stock information on the spot, using their voice. SAP Retail Execution processes this information and – for example – initiates purchases. Retail staff will then be able to listen to all relevant information needed for their next customer visit.