In the event of emergency situations, major damage scenarios and catastrophes, emergency personnel is confronted with a huge amount of information from different sources. The information must be analysed, processed and made available for specific users to quickly construct a situation report – all without distracting the emergency personnel from their work.

Speech as a natural communication tool is the perfect match for this task when it is paired with innovative technology.
Aristech has already made a name for itself in this field and the partners in the SOLIDE research project naturally decided on the German software developer from Heidelberg. Aristech is the only independent European provider which develops Speech Recognition (ASR), Speech Synthesis (TTS) and specialised semantics-based speech analysis tools with AI algorithms.

Through SOLIDE project, the Federal Ministry of Science and Reserach (BMBF) aims to develop reliable support for emergency services, as part of their announcement of “KMU innovative: civil security research” for the German government and their programme of “Civil Security Research”.

Details on Project and Research:

The results of SOLIDE will extend applications for situation reports through voice-operated controls and innovative data integration. Relevant information can be obtained quickly through spoken output and input, contributing to efficient support for all personnel in emergency responses. In addition, the system must be integrated into existing control systems to make the best use of current situation reports.

The SOLIDE project will develop new approaches to access integrated situation reports efficiently. The main focus is on using speech-based controls as well as innovative data integration techniques. All relevant data, for example sensor data, incident logs or geographical data, will be integrated into the situation report. The data will be accessible through research on specialist algorithms for filtering relevant knowledge and suitable connecting processes. The development of user interfaces and question answering algorithms will allow a spoken, distraction-free information retrieval.
The prototype system will be optimized and evaluated in several practice drills with users.

Further information can be obtained at: .

The four project partners PRO DV, Aristech, Paderborn University and Bonn University are working together to conclude the project successfully within three years.

After the success of European research project GAMBAS, the SOLIDE project once again proves the ability of Aristech’s high-end technologies to integrate into innovative application fields.