ASAP – We know what you’re saying

The original Aristech Semantic Analytics Program
Did you know that, according to research, some companies have to deal with the same request up to forty times a day? “Why?” you may ask. The reason lies in the semantic variability of one and the same enquiry. With ASAP you can now phrase an enquiry just once and will then be able to find all of its varieties, no matter if it’s in an e-mail, on a website or social media. This is because ASAP does not look for character strings but for meaning.
Some of the various uses of ASAP are:

  • Analysis of large amounts of data
  • Classification of and response to incoming e-mails
  • Assigning and/or intelligent filing of documents
  • Analysis of recorded speech
  • Monitoring social media
  • and much more

ASAP takes a completely innovative approach to the analysis of text: it is the first system that can legitimately be said to use semantic analysis. Words are only the access to text. The actual analysis takes place on a much deeper, semantic level. Here, the choice of words is irrelevant and it does not even matter whether the text is written in English, German or any other language.

Semantic Email analysis

Previous systems have used so-called keyword spotters for the analysis of text. Further development lead to the employment of topic detection – a method that can identify the topic of a given text by searching for key terms. In recent years, Named Entity Recognition Systems have entered the market. They can identify preprogrammed word classes in a text. None of these methods, however, is flexible enough to deal with the individual challenges of man-made texts. This is why a manual validation of the analysis was still necessary.
ASAP provides a solution for these problems by employing an innovative linguistic-semantic approach. Time consuming, manual validations are obsolete. The result is a readily utilisable, intelligent analysis of your texts and audios.