Aristech’s digital voiced is being used by public broadcaster’s traffic hotline.

Alex is a synthetic voice that was developed on the basis of a human voice by the Heidelberg based company Aristech GmbH. The voice is integrated into a text-to-speech system that can produce a spoken output the of current traffic situation and can be accessed via phone, digital audio broadcasting (DAB) or even medium wave. German broadcaster SWR has been using the traffic hotline (07221 9282) for years and more than a million callers per a year arrive home safely thanks to the information provided.

“Our up-to-date traffic hotline is the perfect addition to the half-hourly traffic news on the radio,” say an SWR spokesman. “But ensuring acceptance among users is only possible with a reliable and natural-sounding text-to-speech system. We are happy to have found a competent and service-oriented partner in Aristech.”

Aristech has the know-how and the tools to perfectly use and optimise synthetic voices. Alex has been perfected to properly pronounce and intonate even the names of small towns and hamlets. The results can hardly be distinguished from a real person.