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Aristech GmbH aims to develop groundbreaking ideas at the human-machine interface. We are driven by new ideas with which we can intuitively and naturally implement language in every-day life to improve people's lives. This innovative drive is in all our speech technology solutions, making them better, more natural and comfortable to use.

Our team of specialized software developers and computer linguists loves working on state-of-the-art technologies and overcoming technical limits. Our modern software solutions for AI-based speech technology are all developed locally at our offices in Heidelberg. Our focus lies on voicebots, speech recognition, text-to-speech and semantic analytics. We are committed to European standards concerning data protection.

We are the language experts for natural-sounding voices and intuitive dialogues. Our intelligent voicebots can support your customer service and digitalize contact center processes. Our tools for semantic analysis offer fully automatic conversation analyses of your texts and audios. We develop personalized voices for each customer, fitting your company's Corporate Identity.

As a family business, we have been working with a unique combination of a familiar atmosphere and innovative drive since 2012. The balance between work and family life, gender equality, diversity and tolerance are core elements of our corporate philosophy. Numerous international customers have already chosen Aristech technologies and have achieved the highest level of customer satisfaction with us.

Carolin Edler-Mende


After completing her studies in mathematics, she founded Aristech in 2012 together with her father Michael Mende. While studying, she worked at the International Computer Science Institute in Berkley, the leading institute for frame-semantics. The enthusiastic entrepreneur leads Aristech with a passion for language, IT and innovation, and promotes diversity in leadership.

Nowadays, she lives in Heidelberg with her husband and three daughters. She spends her leisure time as an amateur actress and enthusiastic athlete.

Michael Mende


Before founding Aristech with his daughter Carolin Edler-Mende, Michael Mende worked at the IBM Research Center Europe and researched improvements in the field of speech technology for over ten years. Being a studied German philologist, Michael Mende writes theater plays in the local Kurpfalzer dialect and has published the book "Kurzpfalz Impressionen".

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