Aristech is a highly specialized SME based in Heidelberg, Germany and a leading supplier of advanced speech recognition and text-to-speech software to allow seamless man-machine interaction (MMI).
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Heidelberg, BW
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Speak, friend, and enter…

At Aristech we believe in the power of spoken language. Enabling machines to interact with humans, through speech recognition and text-to-speech solutions, is what we do; and we do it well! Our unique capabilities lie in the creation of customer exclusive synthetic voices to represent your individual corporate identity – at most attractive conditions.

Our small but growing team of international language experts ensure our direct interaction with you. This allows us to offer individually tailored and cost-effective solutions in the field of language technology.

Our employees work with great motivation and responsibility towards the goals of the company. The management pays special attention to commitment towards our employees. The working environment is characterized by flat hierarchies, direct and open communication and fair, polite and respectful conduct on an equal footing.

We dedicate ourselves to utmost customer satisfaction through our products’ quality, our services and our communication. The special focus on customers’ needs is embodied on all corporate levels. We maintain a close and fair relationship with both customers and suppliers.

Depending on your requirements, we can be your software supplier, a full service operator or professional systems integrator, who meets your business’ needs.[pressreader]

Who is Aristech?

Offering innovation and customer satisfaction. There are some old players on the speech technology market, but we want to be better.
Find out what exactly is needed first, then find a solution that benefits all parties. We don’t just want to be another company focussed on their own gain!
We are working hard on making our costumers happy. So far, we have succeeded in doing so.

Our skills

  • Speech recognition (ASR)
  • Text-to-Speech
  • IVR solutions
  • Semantics
  • Consulting